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LINDOR Christmas tree craft made with chocolate truffles as seasonal home decor

Lindor Chocolate Christmas Tree

Get yourself in the festive, holiday spirit with this simple, edible (and delicious) centerpiece. With so many different LINDOR truffle flavors, the possibilities are endless. This is also a great Christmas craft to try with the kids. Just make sure you have a few extra truffles around in case of temptation!


LINDOR Truffles (an 10-inch tree uses about 48 truffles)
10-inch foam cone
Wrapping paper or fabric (preferably coordinating with the colour of your LINDOR truffles)
Flat head pins
Round toothpicks
Tree Topper


1. Wrap the foam cone completely with wrapping paper or fabric. Secure the wrapping paper or fabric with flat head pins, as needed.
2. Starting at the base, insert a toothpick into the cone at a 45-degree angle. Place your LINDOR truffle on the toothpick and position so it’s secure. Make sure the LINDOR logo is upright for a clean, streamlined look. Repeat until the entire base is covered.
3. When starting the next row, stagger the toothpick placement so the LINDOR tails lie in between the LINDOR truffles on the row below. Pierce the cone with the toothpick and attach the LINDOR truffle. Repeat until the entire cone is covered in truffles.
4. For the finishing touch, insert a toothpick vertically into the top of the cone and place a LINDOR truffle on top. Experiment with different tree toppers to add a bit more drama to this delicious centerpiece!