Lindor Christmas Cone

Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty and this beautiful, multi-use cone is perfect for gifting chocolate or to hang off your tree for a touch of Lindt colour

You will need:

Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles (2 per cone), 2 pieces of coloured card (different colours), scissors, single hole punch, glue, 15cm ribbon and 2 round head fasteners



Steps to create:

1. Choose the base colour of the cone and trace the shape of the cone, using our template. Cut out and glue the long sides together. The top should come together at a point

2. With a single hole punch, create two holes on opposite ends of the upper edge for suspension

3. Use scissors to cut notches about 5mm deep and 1mm apart across the top of the cone to create a decorative fringe

4. Cut a narrow strip of card for the handle. Secure it with a round head brass fastener through the holes made in step 2

5. Cut out different shapes from the different coloured paper and glue them to the cone for an extra fun design

6. Fill the cone with delicious Lindt chocolate

Lindt also has a range of ready made chocolate tree decorations to use whilst you make your own!

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