Decorative Christmas Jars

Here's a really creative way to gift Lindt chocolate this year that also doubles up as a beautiful Christmas table decoration

You will need:

A few glass jars, red ribbon, fake snow, Lindor Mini Truffles, Lindt Teddy 100g and Lindt 10g Festive Figures (found in our festive 5 packs, such as Teddy and Santa)

Step 1

Make a soft bed of snow inside your jar

Step 2

Add a few Lindor Mini Truffles

Step 3

Place your Lindt Teddy on top of this base

Step 4

Add a few Lindt 10g Festive Figures to keep the Lindt Teddy company

Step 5

Now tie a bow around your jar using the red ribbon to finish off

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Spread a few of these jars across your Christmas table and make sure you let your guests know that these decorations are to be eaten!

Watch the video here: