Lindor Truffle Christmas Tree

You will need:

90 Lindor Milk Truffles (x3 337g cornets), 12 inch foam cone, red wrapping paper/fabric, flat head pins, cocktail sticks, scissors and a tree topper

Steps to create this impressive centrepiece

1. Wrap the foam cone completely with wrapping paper or fabric. Secure with cocktail sticks, as needed.

2. Starting at the base, insert a cocktail stick into the cone at a 45-degree angle.

3. Place your Lindor truffle on the cocktail stick and position so it's secure. Make sure the Lindor logo is upright for a clean, streamlined look.

4. Repeat until the entire base is covered.

5. When starting a new row, stagger the cocktail stick placement so the Lindor wings lie in between the Lindor truffles on the row below. Pierce the cone with the cocktail stick and attach the Lindor truffle.

6. Repeat until the entire cone is covered in truffles.

7. For the finishing touch, insert a cocktail stick vertically into the top of the cone and place a Lindor truffle on top.

Experiment with different tree toppers to add a bit more drama to this delicious centerpiece.

You can also create a more colourful cone using different Lindor flavours.

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