Magical Teddy Place Setting

The holidays are a time for layering bold patterns, stripes, colour, glitter and in this case, a personal Lindt chocolate Teddy treat!

You will need:

Lindt Teddy 10g, cloth napkins, ribbon, small tags, scissors, double sided tape and a pen

Steps to create:

1. Stick the back of each Teddy to a ribbon that's 6-8 inches long

2. Tie the ribbon around a napkin

3. Trim the excess ribbon at the back of the napkin and place the napkin on top of the plate

4. Tuck a handwritten name card into each place setting



Luxurious Place Setting

Add some drama to your Christmas feast with Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection

You will need:

Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection, white cloth napkins, paper name tags, 20cm gold wire ribbon, seasonal greens, scissors and a pen

Steps to create:

1. Roll your napkin and wrap the gold wire ribbon around the centre, securing it in a bow

2. Use the wire to secure a blank name tag to the bow and lay it flat on top of the napkin

3. Slip a piece of boxwood, cedar or other seasonal foligate under the bow

4. Wrap the wire ribbon around a pen to create spirals, the smaller the pen the tighter the spirals

5. Set your napkin roll onto the plate and place a Swiss Luxury Selection Praline on top of the blank name card and primp as needed for a beautiful and delicious start to your Christmas dinner

Don't have time for a trip to the flower shop? Take a look around your garden to see what it has to offer - sometimes the most beautiful pieces are closest to home!

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