Magical Mini Stockings

Here's a fun way to make some unique Christmas stockings that will look great on your fireplace

You will need:

Christmas twine, shredded tissue paper, a selection of small festive socks, decorative pegs and your choice of Lindt 10g Festive Figures (you can find these in our festive 5 packs, such as Teddy or Santa Sleigh)

Step 1

Take one of your stocks and fill it almost to the top with shredded tissue paper

Step 2

Add your selection of the Lindt Festive Figures - a couple of small 10g Festive Figures fit snuggly inside a small sock

Step 3

Take your twine and use a peg to attach it to your finished stocking

Step 4

Repeat this process with different socks and Lindt Festive Figures to add variety

Step 5

Hang around your home for a little extra Christmas magic

These stockings will look magical hung around your home, and taste great on the day!

Watch the video here:

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