Creative Gift Wrapping

Here's how to add a touch of magic to your Christmas presents with Lindt

You will need:

Your wrapped Christmas present, ribbon, double-sided sticky tape and your choice of Lindt 10g Festive Figures (we recommend our Teddy or Santa festive 5 packs)

Step 1

Wrap and tie a bow around your gift

Step 2

Choose a Lindt 10g Festive Figure and stick a small piece of double sided sticky tape to the back

Step 3

Peel the white backing away from the tape, leaving a sticky side

Step 4

Now gently but firmly attach your Lindt 10g Festive Figure onto the centre of your bow

Add a personalised touch

You can also create a beautiful gift by leaving the Lindt 10g Festive Figure in its packaging - there is even a name tag for you to personalise the gift even more! At Christmas it's the little things that make all the difference

Watch the video here:

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