Host a Lindt Easter Hunt

Follow our steps to plan the perfect at home Easter hunt!

Don't forget to visit our guides to Easter facepainting and how to create Easter Bunny ears to make your hunt even more magical

You will need:

Pen and paper, Lindt Easter eggs and mini eggs, Lindt Gold Bunny, a basket (make your own HERE) and bunny ears (find our guide to create your own HERE) and cardboard.

Step 1

Let's begin! Have you got all the elements needed? Don't forget to hand out baskets to collect your Easter eggs

Step 2

Start by hiding the goodies. Make sure to make some easier to find than others, to give everyone a chance!

Step 3

Make the hunt even more magical by cutting out our Lindt Gold Bunny & Friends signposts, download HERE. Then stick them onto cardboard and place around the garden to give hints and clues.

Step 4

Keep track of where you have hidden the Easter eggs - if you can't remember you could be playing for hours, but that might be fun!

Step 5

Finally, have a little prize to hand out at the end of the hunt - why not try bunny ears?

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