Easter Chocolate Cups

These simple to make cups are a crowd-pleaser for your Easter celebrations!

Brought to you by Lindt and Lucy Parissi of SuperGoldenBakes.com

You will need:

200g Lindt Cooking Chocolate (melted), water balloons, baking paper, tissue paper, a small amount of vegetable oil, Lindt chocolate treats like our Lindor mini eggs and chocolate mousse.

Step 1

Inflate the balloons and dip the tissue in the vegetable oil and wipe the balloons. This will stop the chocolate sticking to the balloons later. Dip the balloons in the melted chocolate. Coat the sides of the balloon with a rolling motion

Step 2

Place the balloon on the baking paper and let the chocolate dry at room temperature. Then make a small snip at the top of the balloon with scissors and allow it to deflate gently.

Step 3

Add chocolate mousse to the cups and let set.

Step 4

Decorate with Lindt Easter treats, including a Lindt Gold Bunny 10g and Lindor Mini Eggs, and a little whipped cream.

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And there you have it, delicious Lindt Chocolate cups, filled with mousse and topped with your favourite Lindt treats!

Watch the video here: