Easter Gift Jars

Easter jars are great as a gift or table centrepiece and are simple to make - filled with delicious Lindt chocolate, what could be better?

Brought to you by Lindt and Lucy Parissi of SuperGoldenBakes.com

You will need:

A few glass jars, crinkle paper, Washi decorative tape, ribbon and Lindt Easter treats (including our delicious Lindor Mini Eggs and Lindt Gold Bunny 10g)

Step 1

Add decorative tape around the jar, two different tapes look great together!

Step 3

Add crinkle paper to form a bed.

Step 4

Top with a Lindt Gold Bunny or another of your favourite Lindt Easter treats!

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Easy to make, with so many possible variations these jars are guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family. Spead these jars across your Easter table and be sure to let your guests know these decorations are to be eaten!

Watch the video here: