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MyLindt Rewards: Frequently Asked Questions

MyLindt Rewards FAQs

MyLindt Rewards Registration

1. What are the MyLindt Rewards benefits?

MyLindt Rewards offers a wide range of member benefits: 10% welcome discount, £5 voucher per every £50 spent (up to 3x per year), exclusive member discounts and promotions, and a birthday surprise for your special day!

2. How can I sign up for MyLindt Rewards?

You can sign up online via or on your next visit to one of our Lindt Chocolate Shops. Simply scan the QR Code in store with your smartphone and follow the steps on screen. It is not possible to sign up via a printed registration form.

3. Is MyLindt Rewards free to join?

Yes, becoming a member of MyLindt Rewards is free of charge!

4. What data do I need to share to sign up for MyLindt Rewards?

To sign up for MyLindt Rewards, you must provide your title, first name, last name, email address and your birthday. You will also need to set a password, to access your digital MyLindt account in the future.

MyLindt Rewards Member Card

1. Where do I find the MyLindt member card?

Once you've successfully signed up to MyLindt Rewards, you will receive a digital loyalty card. The loyalty card can be added to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. If you do not wish to add the card to a wallet, you can always access your personal card via your online account or through one of the MyLindt emails; the loyalty card will be included at the end of our email newsletters. If you wish to have a physical card, you can choose to print it out of your online account. However, please be aware that Lindt does not offer a physical loyalty card.

If you do not have a smartphone or you forget to bring the loyalty card, not to worry! Lindt Chocolate Shop team members can search for your account at checkout. To help them do this, please provide the requested data from your account, e.g., first name and surname or email address.

2. How can I add the digital member card to my smartphone wallet?

It is possible to add your digital member card to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet only. Other smartphone wallets are not supported at this time. You can add your digital MyLindt card either via your MyLindt online account or via one of the MyLindt newsletters. To access your card via your online account, please login to your account. Your digital MyLindt card will be visible in the section “My Account,” where you will also see two buttons, “Add to Apple Wallet” and “Add to Google Wallet”. Please choose the relevant button for your smartphone, your digital MyLindt card will then be added to your wallet. Users of all other devices must show their digital member card out of their email or via their Lindt online account.

3. Is it possible to purchase with the MyLindt Rewards member card, even if I forgot to bring my member card to a Lindt Chocolate Shop?

Yes, this is possible. Please inform a Lindt Chocolate Shop employee at the checkout. They will be able to search for your MyLindt card number in our system, you will just need to provide additional information for them to find your account, e.g., email address or first name and surname.

4. Can I order a physical member card for my existing MyLindt account?

We do not offer physical MyLindt member cards. Please add the member card to your smartphone wallet or ask a Lindt Chocolate Shop employee to manually provide your MyLindt member card details on your receipt.

5. Can I order an additional member card for my existing MyLindt account?

It is currently not possible to order an additional member card for your MyLindt account. There is only one member card available per account.

6. Is the MyLindt membership valid outside of the UK?

MyLindt Rewards is only valid in the country in which the account was created. It is therefore not possible to use your member card outside of the country, even though the MyLindt loyalty programme might be available in other countries.

7. How is my online order added to my MyLindt account?

To add your online order to your MyLindt account, please make sure you are logged in as a MyLindt member before completing your purchase. You will not need to add your member card to the basket. Once the order is made, you can see it in your online account order history.

8. Is it possible to pay with the digital MyLindt member card?

No, your member card is neither a debit or credit card and therefore not a payment method.

9. Who can answer questions I might have regarding my MyLindt membership?

You can raise your questions via our Lindt Consumer Service Contact Form (

10. Can I use the MyLindt member card in all Lindt Chocolate Shops?

You can use your digital member card in almost all Lindt Chocolate Shops in the UK and the official Lindt UK eShop. Please be aware that our Kildare Lindt Chocolate Shop does not participate in MyLindt Rewards, you will therefore not be able to scan your member card or redeem vouchers in this store: Lindt Chocolate Shop Kildare Village (Unit 59, Nurney Road, Co. Kildare, R51 E168, Ireland).

11. Is it possible to add purchases to my MyLindt account after finishing my online order or Lindt Chocolate Shop purchase?

It is currently not possible to retrospectively add purchases to your MyLindt account if you did not show your member card at the checkout in one of the participating Lindt Chocolate Shops. Additionally, online orders cannot be added to your account, if you placed your order as a guest customer.

MyLindt Benefits

1. When will I receive the £5 voucher for £50 spend at Lindt and which purchases count towards the reward/ “MyLindt Status”?

You can unlock a £5 stamp card voucher for every £50 spent up to 3x per year. All purchases (excluding shipping costs) of each year contribute to your MyLindt progress bar. Members get the stamp card voucher directly after reaching the £50 threshold, the voucher will be sent via email. If a customer unlocks 2 or 3 stamp card vouchers at the same time, all three coupons will be provided in a separate email.

The progress counter is going to be reset at the end of every year, except for the first year: the first reset of the progress counter will be on December 31st, 2023.

2. What will happen with the physical stamp card that I received from a Lindt Chocolate Shop previously?

If you have a physical stamp card that still has some open fields, you will be able to receive those stamps to finish this stamp card and get your discount. Once your stamp card is full and you've been granted your stamp card, you will not receive a new one.

3. How do I redeem MyLindt vouchers?

To redeem a voucher in a Lindt Chocolate Shop, please present your member card and the voucher at the checkout. You can find both of these in the email that was sent to you.

To redeem MyLindt vouchers online from our eShop, please make sure that you are logged in to your MyLindt account. Once logged in, you can add the voucher code to your online basket. Please double check if you meet the voucher conditions with your purchase.

In any case, vouchers will be provided via our email newsletters to members. Vouchers are redeemable towards all products, excluding shipping costs. Additional restrictions may apply for individual vouchers. Details are always explained in the voucher text and T&Cs provided in the email. Vouchers can be redeemed once within the validity period printed on the voucher and have a personalised code per member.

Please be aware, that partial redemption of MyLindt vouchers is not possible.

4. How long is the validity period of MyLindt vouchers?

The validity of vouchers can be different, depending on the individual voucher. The validity is visible on every voucher, next to the voucher name and voucher code which will be provided via email.

5. How can I get a new voucher if I lost my email or if I cancelled my order?

Unfortunately, if you cannot find your voucher code anymore or if a voucher was used in an order that was cancelled afterwards, we are unable to offer you a new voucher code.

6. Where can I see my MyLindt progress towards the loyalty rewards?

You can see your MyLindt progress in the progress bar that is added to our Lindt newsletters. The progress bar will soon also be available in your online account. In the meantime, you can request the status of your MyLindt progress at the Lindt Consumer Service via our Contact Form (

7. When do I receive my £5 voucher for my £50 spend at Lindt?

Your voucher will be sent to you within a few hours after your purchase which unlocked the reward. The voucher is going to be sent to your email address that you used to create your MyLindt account. If you unlock two or three vouchers at the same time, you will receive all three vouchers in an individual email.

8. Why did I not receive my birthday surprise for my MyLindt?

The birthday surprise is provided to all members, so please check the data in your MyLindt online account and your email junk folder. In all other cases, please contact the Lindt Consumer Service via our Contact Form (

9. How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from our newsletters by clicking the unsubscribe button at the end of every newsletter or by changing the subscription in your online account.

MyLindt Account

1. How can I reset the password for my MyLindt account?

You can reset your password via the password reset process on the Lindt website or you can follow this link here (

2. Can I see all my purchases from Lindt Chocolate Shops & the eShop in my online MyLindt account?

Currently, you can only see orders in your MyLindt account that are made via the Lindt eShop, as long as you were logged in during the checkout process. Chocolate Shop purchases will be visible at a later stage.

3. How can I terminate my MyLindt membership?

If you would like to have the MyLindt rewards account closed and all data removed from our database, you will need to provide your first name, last name and membership number (this can be found on your digital member card or via your online account) to the following email address
Please note, once a MyLindt rewards account has been closed, we are unable to reactive the account and all data will be removed from our database.