The Finest Cocoa

It all Begins with the Finest Cocoa – the Essence of LINDT Chocolates

The heart of the LINDT chocolate is the finest cocoa. Knowing which of the many different origins of cocoa beans will best contribute to the distinctive LINDT taste is a skill that the LINDT Maîtres Chocolatiers have perfected over time. They select the finest high quality beans from the most renowned cocoa origins around the world: Ghana, Latin America (mainly Ecuador), Madagascar and the Caribbean Islands. To develop the distinctive LINDT taste, LINDT chocolate also contains an high amount of cocoa flavor beans such as Criollo or Trinitario.

Once selected the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers work diligently with the local partners assuring that the farmers in the origin country properly ferment and dry the beans. This is essential to let the fine flavor develop to its full potential during the roasting process. Blending the various origins is another skill of the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers to achieve the distinctive flavor profiles for specific chocolate creations.

Selecting, processing and blending premium cocoa beans are part of the essential   first step in fine chocolate creation. This is an art and science which the LINDT Maîtres Chocolatiers have proudly perfected over many decades.

Driven by their passion, dedication and innovative spirit since 1845, the LINDT Maîtres Chocolatiers create the ultimate LINDT chocolate delights.

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