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Step into our kitchen

Step into the Lindt Master Chocolatier’s kitchen to learn the secrets of chocolate making, baking and creating confectionary delights.

Chocolatier making a bar of Excellence chocolate.

Taste with 5 senses

Would you like to taste chocolate like an expert? Learn how to appreciate the sheen on the surface, listen out for the crisp snap when breaking into an EXCELLENCE bar before taking in the aroma of cocoa. Discover the full glory of fine chocolate by tasting the Lindt Master Chocolatier way – with all five senses.


The journey from bean to bar... to You

At Lindt we take pride in the chocolate we have so passionately created since 1845. We are one of the very few large manufacturers that produce chocolate from bean to bar. This gives us control over every step and detail of the chocolate-making process so that we can guarantee you receive the finest quality chocolate. Every time.

Cocoa farmers holding a basket of cocoa pods over their heads.

Meet the Lindt Master Chocolatiers

With outposts all over the world, the Lindt family is a global community with a shared passion for chocolate. Each Lindt Master Chocolatier brings their own unique perspective, palette and culinary background to the kitchen – inspiring unexpected creations and exciting collaborations. 

Cup of Coffee with Lindt EXCELLENCE.

Perfect pairings

For added depth and a more complex flavour, savour our dark chocolate with a carefully curated selection of coffees, teas and wines. Try combining our much-loved Lindt EXCELLENCE Orange Intense with a Bolivia Copacabana macchiato for an unparalleled, nuanced flavour. Discover more pairings with Lindt.


What makes Lindt PRALINES so special?

Our PRALINES are hand-crafted to feature fine and intricate details that emphasise the harmony of flavour and texture. A feast for the eyes and the palate, each PRALINE is truly a work of art to be savoured.

Chocolatier decorating PRALINES.

The secret to pure bliss

Fine hard outer shell. Creamy, melting filling. It is not hard to see why LINDOR is one of our most beloved products across the globe. Find out from our Lindt Master Chocolatiers what makes LINDOR so deliciously smooth and a true chocolate icon.

It’s all in the conching

There is a reason Lindt chocolate is so smooth. Invented by Rodolphe Lindt in 1879 and still used today, the conching process revolutionised the chocolate industry. Continuously stirring chocolate for over 72 hours created a chocolate so fine that it could melt completely on the tongue.