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Chocolate Halloween Owls

Looking for the perfect Halloween treat for chocolate lovers? The Lindt Master Chocolatiers have put their signature twist on toffee apples to create these delicious Halloween Chocolate Owls featuring seasonal apples coated in our luxurious Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate. They are almost too cute to eat...


Chocolatier's Tips

  • You can use your favourite Lindt EXCELLENCE Chocolate for coating - take a look at our Online Shop for our full selection.
  • After decorating, use a spatula to scrape out any remaining chocolate onto a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper. Chill until set before breaking into shards - perfect for decorating cakes or sprinkling over ice-cream!
  • These can be made dairy-free and vegan-friendly by using vegan sweeties and fondant - our Lindt EXCELLENCE 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% Cocoa Dark Chocolate bars are all suitable for vegans.
  • If making this recipe for someone following a gluten free diet, always check the manufacturer's label to ensure your ingredients are free from gluten.
4 people


  • 4 medium-sized eating apples
  • 300 g Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate, chopped (see Tip)
  • icing sugar, for dusting
  • 60 g orange ready-to-roll fondant icing
  • 65 g brown ready-to-roll fondant icing
  • 50 g white ready-to-roll fondant icing
  • 20 g black ready-to-roll fondant icing
  • 8 giant chocolate buttons
  • 4 orange smarties
  • 16 small yellow sugar coated chocolate beans
  • 4 skewers


Step 1.

Push a skewer into the base of each apple and set aside. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Step 2.

Put the chopped chocolate into a heat-proof bowl set over a pan of barely simmering water. Stir until melted and smooth.

Step 3.

Remove the pan from the heat, keeping the bowl set on top.

Step 4.

One apple at a time, carefully dip into the melted chocolate. Swirl from side to side until fully coated in the chocolate. Gently tap the skewer on the side of the bowl to remove any excess. Stand on the prepared baking tray. Repeat with the remaining apples. Chill until set.

Step 5.

Meanwhile, make the fondant decorations. Lightly dust a work surface with icing sugar.

Step 6.

Marble the orange fondant with a small pinch of brown fondant, then roll out on the work surface until you have a round circle.

Step 7.

Stamp out 4 x 4.5cm circles - these will be the owl chests.

Step 8.

Once the chocolate has set on the apples, remove from the fridge. Brush the backs of each fondant circle with water and stick to each chocolate coated apple.

Step 9.

Roll out the white fondant as before. Stamp out 8 x 2.5cm circles. Roll out the black fondant and stamp out 8 x 1.5cm circles. Brush the backs with water, then stick onto the 8 Giant chocolate buttons for eye and pupil detail. Brush the backs of the buttons with leftover melted chocolate from the dipping bowl and attach to the apples.

Step 10.

For each owl, use 1 orange Smartie for a beak and 4 small yellow sugar coated chocolate beans for claws – secure in place using the leftover melted chocolate (see Tip).

Step 11.

Roll out the brown fondant as before. Stamp out 4 x 4.5cm circles of brown fondant, cut each in half, brush the tops with water and attach to the owls for wings.

Step 12.

Set onto a plate and serve.


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