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Our new Lindt EXCELLENCE bars combine our signature-smooth, intense, 70% dark chocolate with a delicate sprinkling of the finest ingredients, for an authentic texture and refined taste experience.

Indulge with our Salted Caramel Truffles

Created in our famous kitchens; Lindor Salted Caramel combines smooth milk chocolate with buttery caramel and a hint of salt flakes for an enhanced bittersweet flavour.

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  1. EXCELLENCE Coconut

    An intense chocolate bar that features 47% cocoa, this flavour combines the finest dark chocolate with caramelised flakes of coconut.

  2. Lindt Chocolate Mousse 115g
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  3. Lindt Choco Fruits 180g
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  4. Lindt EXCELLENCE Tasting Collection 100g
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  5. Lindt EXCELLENCE Tasting Collection 200g
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  6. Lindt LINDOR Silver Selection Box 500g
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  7. Lindt Snowflake 20gx33
    Special Price £10.00 Regular Price £22.79
  8. Lindt Snowdrops 80g
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £1.99
    Out of stock
  9. Lindt Snowman Milk 5 Pack Perforation 50g
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Assorted Lindor ball flavours in a pick and mix box.

Pick and Mix

Lindt chocolate beans still in a cocoa pod.


A square of Lindt Excellence beside a warm cup of tea.

Chocolate Pairings

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Three girls celebrating Galentines Day over wine and chocolate.
Woman Holding a red mug filled with Lindor chocolate truffles.
Meringues topped with Lindt Excellence chocolate squares and sprinkled with nuts.
Bowl of breakfast granola topped with fruits and Lindt Excellence squares.
A woman reaching for a praline from a box of Swiss Luxury Selection.