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Excellence 90% Cocoa 100g

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  • Excellence 90% Cocoa 100g
Product details

Excellence 90% Cocoa 100g

Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa is ideal for true dark chocolate connoisseurs with a sophisticated palate. The luxuriously deep and velvety chocolate delivers the ultimate chocolate intensity.

Our Tip: The rich cocoa content of this chocolate is perfect to pair with a milk-based coffee such as a creamy latte. Find more pairing inspiration here.

Nutrition facts
Energy 2483kJ/592kcal
Fat 55g
 - of which are saturates 30g
Carbohydrate 14g
 - of which sugars 7g
Protein 10g
Salt 0,03g
Ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, low fat cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla.

May contain milksoya, hazelnuts and other nuts.

Dark chocolate contains: Cocoa Solids: 90% min.
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Clients reviews

This really is the best chocolate on the planet. We have tried other 90% brands (although they are few and far between) but nothing compares: smooth, rich and delicious.

This is very well tempered dark chocolate - smooth, and richly fruity. Having, over time, tried many types of darkly chocolatey chocolate, my favourite is a single origin unroasted variety that costs twice as much and is harder to find; but i've also paid twice as much for other brands that aren't as good as this Lindt 90% bar. Having not tried Lindt for a long time this was a beautiful treat. I don't find it especially bitter : the flavour and mouth-feel are what this bar is about for me, and very nice too. Because it is so richly flavourful there's no impulse or need to over-indulge.
I wouldn't be able to comment on the continuity of flavour for these bars as cacao harvests will vary and it's not clear to me where the beans are sourced. But whoever samples the cacao appears to know their stuff.

Most amazing "health" chocolate on the planet! I mean this genuinely as I've been looking for a high-cocoa, low sugar chocolate that's natural. Chocolate Heaven!

This is my favourite Lindt chocolate, I always buy it in bulk if I see it on sale. It's really smooth, but with an intense chocolate flavour. I eat a few squares after dinner most days. It leaves a lovely, strong chocolate flavour in my mouth, but also leaves my teeth feeling clean as the sugar content is much lower compared to other chocolates. It's prefect because it's good for my health and tastes amazing. If I try to eat other dark chocolates now they all taste too sweet.

The perfect dark chocolate, it's rich, creamy, buttery, not too sweet, just absolute delight. I love biting or melting it in my mouth and could finish the whole bar myself in a couple of days. I hope Lindt won't change its recipe. I am a loyal fan of the 90%.

I am eating this chocolate right now (and drinking port). It is so good it prompted me to google it and now i'm writing a review about it. I disagree with the above comment in it being bitter and peppery. I think its the opposite and unlike any dark chocolate I have ever eaten. It's rich and buttery without being sugary unlike virtually all of the other 'gourmet' chocolate companies. Absolutely gorgeous, will be keeping an eye out for the 99% cocoa to give that a try.

BE WARNED...........................
A stunning high cocoa content chocolate with a high acidity level and an almost burnt/acrid finish.
If you are a milk chocolate lover.......or looking for a chocolate bar to eat in one session - THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.
This chocolate needs to be eaten in small quantities and allowed to melt in the mouth over the tongue, which releases the flavours within - enjoy this with a good quality glass of red wine (a good peppery Rioja - is what I use) to fully enhance the indulgence and flavour.

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