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Wine and Chocolate

Enhance your wine tasting experience with a square of our finest chocolate perfectly paired with your favourite glass of red or white? Our chocolate works with all the rich tannins to help you discover new and unforeseen flavours.

Tea and Chocolate

There are few pleasures in life greater than enjoying a cup of tea and a square of chocolate. Learn how to perfectly pair our chocolate to your next blended brew to take your tea break to a luxurious level.

Coffee and Chocolate

Two of nature’s most intense flavours; coffee and chocolate combine to create an unmatched flavour profile that will awaken the senses. Learn how our bars pair perfectly with a variety of different coffees, from a strong espresso to a creamy latte.
Showstopping chocolate cake.

Beloved Recipes

Conching machine with dark chocolate.

It’s all in the Conching

Master Chocolatiers at work.

Tips & Tricks from our Master Chocolatiers' kitchen

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Woman enjoying a piece of Lindt chocolate.
Chocolate bourbon brownie bites.
Chocolate and hazelnut meringues.
Chocolate and raspberry pancakes.
Chocolate crepe cake.
Rainy day chocolate spread.