The Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence

A truly unique taste and texture experience, discover the sumptuous combination of crunchy and creamy in each beautifully wrapped gold cube: Lindt's velvety melt-in-your-mouth chocolate enrobing the finest whole roasted hazelnuts.


The perfect balance of creamy and crunchy

At Lindt we roast our nuts in-house with a process refined over many years, ensuring they have been roasted to perfection before working them into the melted gianduja chocolate to lock in their flavour.

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Their latest triumph

At the heart of every Lindt creation is the passion and craftsmanship of our Master Chocolatiers, and Nuxor is no different. From the sourcing of the finest hazelnuts and cocoa, to the finishing touches of the exquisite gold wrapper our Masters were involved every step of the way.

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Sustainably Sourced

Contains Nuts

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What Is Gianduja Chocolate?

The ultimate hazelnut chocolate experience

The velvety chocolate of Nuxor is known as ‘gianduja’ – that’s because the chocolate itself is infused with ground hazelnuts, making each cube a special treat for those who love the decadent combination of nuts and chocolate.