Christmas Inspiration with Lindt

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Christmas decoration tips from LINDT: Discover the most original tips to give your home a special touch and create the loveliest spaces

Discover the most original tips to give your home a special touch and create the loveliest spaces – creative, easy ideas that nevertheless change the look of your rooms, giving them the attention they deserve at the most important moments and on the most memorable days. Surprise your loved ones with the sweetest gifts and share with them your moments of chocolate pleasure.

Counting the Days

LINDOR proposes bringing back a tradition full of charm and updating it with wonderful creativity. What better way to bring the excitement of these holidays than a great handmade idea and the genuine flavour of LINDOR. An advent calendar in which every day you’ll discover a box with new LINDOR flavours to share with your loved ones. Excitement, fun, surprises and the chance for everyone in the house to gather at the same time to reveal the sweetest gift and share it together. And, you can pile the calendar boxes in the form of a pyramid so they look like a Christmas tree! You’ll count the days in very special anticipation.

Where's the ball?

A very creative and fun tip that’s decorative, too. A Christmas tree built with boxes filled with LINDOR balls in different flavours. A box for every day in December. The sweetest countdown to Christmas.


The hottest Chocolate of the winter can be enjoyed by fixing a LINDOR ball on the end of a wooden cocktail stick and melt it by stirring it around in hot milk. One or two balls are ideal for a medium sized cup. A magical chocolate delight for young and old.

When December arrives the countdown to Christmas begins.
... the countdown to Christmas begins.
A simple way to sweeten up your day
A simple way to sweeten up your day
Decorative wreath for your Christmas table
Decorative wreath for your Christmas table

Passed the test of time!

Getting into Christmas spirit: Simply stick LINDT tree decorations and wooden mushrooms on this wire framed wreath wrapped in moss. Wreath cones, pomegranate, nuts and Lindor Balls complete the picture.

And why not trying out some delicious LINDT christmas recipes?




Elegance in white

Letter by letter, use different Lindor flavours to have a colourful decoration
LINDOR balls as colourful decoration

Assemble a Christmas word out of wooden letters and decorate them with LINDOR chocolates in light, bright colours. A brilliant idea on your door makes a beautiful calling card. Announce the arrival of Christmas from your front door. Let those fantastic white and gold ornaments shine – beautiful Lindor White, Hazelnut and Milk balls – and envelop your house in an elegant pearl and mother-of-pearl glow. Create an elegant and sophisticated look for the holidays, for family reunions, parties and moments you want to sparkle with magic. Your guests will be dazzled.

Home sweet home

There’s no place like home. And it’s even truer at Christmas time. Surprise your loved ones by hanging a big white bow with a cascade of Christmas ornaments and LINDOR balls on your front door. A brilliant tip to make your white Christmas a dream come true!

We all dream of a white Christmas. If you can’t go off to a chalet in the mountains where snow is guaranteed, then a wonderful Christmas spirit can be brought into your home with these craft and decoration tips with LINDT chocolates.

Joyful paper cornet for chocolate treats
Joyful paper cornet for chocolate treats

Handicraft Fun

It‘s great to make decorations for your Christmas tree and then be able to nibble them later. The decorations are punched out, the paper cornets simply glued. And while still working on them, indulge yourself with one or two LINDOR Balls.

The most DELICIOUS table

 What better way to celebrate Christmas than around the table with your loved ones. An impeccable table for a memorable day on which your best dishes, crystal and silverware make special appearances backed by the finest and most elegant tablecloths. Create a magical moment with LINDOR and make sure the festivities join you at the table. Combine a deep red tablecloth with a great centrepiece based on a lovely green garland. Create a harmonious shape that reaches out to all your guests and fill it with pine cones and LINDOR Milk balls. Finally, top it off with candles in the centre to add a soft halo of light and magic to this very special time. You’ll see good manners go out the window when they can’t resist the temptation of the smooth melting chocolate

«Wrap every napkin with strips of natural green garland and add two or three Lindor Milk balls to look like holly berries for a final touch»

Magical Red Christmas

This Christmas give your house a touch of magic with LINDOR red. We all know how exciting it is to wake up on Christmas morning and gather round with all the family to open our gifts. Surprise them all with a huge pile of presents wrapped in red, and top it off with LINDOR Milk balls and the range of beautiful gift boxes LINDOR offers. Leave the classic, monotonous holidays far behind and create a festive, joyous moment with your home’s gift corner as the delightful centrepiece. Enjoy a unique LINDOR Magical Red moment with your loved ones!

This Christmas, bet it all on red with your presents. Achieve an outstanding visual impact. Your house will win in joy and the Christmas spirit.

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